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This editing is related to a virus. You people would know that some time ago a virus had come which had caused a lot of devastation in our whole world, so I had made it at the same time. So now I am fighting against this virus which is the concept. Now the atmosphere there was very strange at that time, so I wanted to change it a little, so I made this concept in a little fun way so that when someone edits it, then he too can enjoy it. So its stores are also very easy. Means of? If you have a house, you can still do this editing.

Virus Concept

Many people have done editing on this virus and have done many things and I know that you people also know the name of this virus. I can’t use its name here because whatever is here there are some rules, there is the privacy of Google which I don’t want to break here. Because of this, I am just giving it the name of the virus and if you guys want to do this kind of editing, then you guys will follow from the college which I am telling you the important point below.

What is Virus Editing?

We have a lot from childhood till now. Disease and viruses are facing it and now we are who we are, the time has come for this, we have started taking this thing a little lightly because our technologies have gone to a very high level and Whatever is there for it is something or the other. These people make medicines for what they are scientists. So now I have taken a little light on what they are. They stayed in and got this add-in done so that anyone who is there can do this editing easily. If you want, you can also make it in photoshop or if you want to make it from mobile then that is also very easy. All the steps will be followed here and what I will do on mobile, I am using the version of picture 10.2, you guys will also download it from here.

How To Edit Picture?

There are different rules for editing every picture, so here are some rules that I am going to tell you, you have to follow here when you do this editing.So first of all you have to click a picture and the pose you have to give in it is like the pose I performed here. The same pose you guys will perform here and when you click this picture then try that the background behind you should be perfectly plain. So that when you erase your background then it becomes idli race and arrange I use the photo room here to do the background. This is an online tool but you guys will be able to race your bag round in a second.I have made its background which is absolutely in HD quality and after that some of its PNG which I have made here. So you guys must download all these things from here because if you miss a single PNG or background here, then your photo editing will be complete. And especially in this picture which is a virus which I have PNG has been made, it plays a very important role here, if you guys want to change its background too, if you have any other background already, then if you want to put it on it, then you can also do this editing on it i.e. this concept. You can use the background as your own.

Important Note

Stock Is Not For Commercial Use


Use Download Button For High Quality

Download In HD Quality


This will use as a main background of Virus concept editing…


Virus Cell

This virus head PNG will use as a cell,,,


Purple Splash

You can call this splash but it;s not use this as…


Virus Body

Virus cartoon is a main part of this concept…

Model Picture For PRACTICE & POSE


For Practice Use

It’s also can be use for pose idea…


I used this apps for editing. If you want to edit in mobile so make sure you downloaded all apps too.

PRZ Edits

My self Hamza Peerzada, I’m a professional Photographer & Editor for last 7 years. If I describe my work in one line so this is my passion & also my hobby. I run a YouTube channel PRZ Edits where I upload Photography & Editing related videos and sometimes Tips & Tricks you can check it out…

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