Rose Concept Editing In Picsart & Lightroom | Easy Step By Step

Rose Paddle Concept

Rose concept photo editing. I know most of you guys like this thing for valentine’s day or it’s rose day. You must be thinking of making this and you must be thinking that I have made this for him only.
While it is not so at all. This is my concept which is inspired by a movie. I found that the background and the concept it was very strong, so it got to fit in my mind. So that’s why I am using this editing here and it is very awesome editing. You can use it in many places and you can use it in many places also.

Talking about editing, it is very easy editing because it has only the background. After that, you have to click your picture. After that, you just put your picture on the background and there are two or three options, you just have to take it over the top and after that, your picture will be ready. Because this is a very easy concept.

Rose Pose

The reality of its post, if I define you, basically it is not for the late. With the picture Yeh Main Jo Hain Deewaar, I have come out of hiding by clicking the picture of this. If you guys want to see how to do it, then you can go to my YouTube channel and see it by writing the concept every day. And apart from this, if I talk about what to do in this dressing, then dressing you have to do something like this. You have to do such a color that if you keep it easy on the rose, then it can be seen. That is, if you wear the red color, you will attach yourself to the round bag every day. If you update, then it will be different. It will not look like you are connected with it, while we have to show it differently.

How To Edit

First of all, you have to click the picture for this as I have told you. Second, you have to race its background. You guys can use Photoroom for background race. It is a free application within half a minute your background will be erased. After that you guys want to do PicsArt painting then you can do it in PicsArt. If you want to do it in Photoshop, you can go there and edit. All this choice is up to you. But you have to download all the PNG from here. Apart from this, whatever is there is also the background. This bill will have to be downloaded today. Your editing will look complete.

Important Note

Stock Is Not For Commercial Use


Use Download Button For High Quality

Download In HD Quality


This will use as a main background of Rose editing…


Rose Paddle PNG 1

This will use as roses fallen on your model…


Rose Paddle PNG 2

Rose Paddle can be use little close fallen too…


Rose Paddle PNG 3

This Rose Paddle will use around your model…


I used this apps for editing. If you want to edit in mobile so make sure you downloaded all apps too.

PRZ Edits

My self Hamza Peerzada, I’m a professional Photographer & Editor for last 7 years. If I describe my work in one line so this is my passion & also my hobby. I run a YouTube channel PRZ Edits where I upload Photography & Editing related videos and sometimes Tips & Tricks you can check it out…

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