Holding A Weapon As A Mobile In Hand Concept By Vijay Mahar | Editing In Picsart & Lightroom

Holding A Weapon Concept

Holding now weapon is an amazing concept and expires from the concept of Vijay Mahar.In a way, this concept acts as a lesson for us and it represents what is going on in our world today, as if we have two personalities inside us that we are something from inside and There are other things from the outside. So this concept has been made in a similar way in which both the person inside us, both above and inside have been shown here and for that today we have come here by using a mirror.I agree that this concept is going to be a bit tough for you guys. If you people do not have even the slightest knowledge of editing, that is, you are at homeless level, then you people may have issues with two or three things here, as if you people are not able to post it. Or if you guys can give a pose, then you can not mix it together. But I believe that after every effort, you get to see a good result, so whatever you guys try here, it is your practice. And your kill will be improved here on editing, so you guys will definitely try this concept once because it will provide you with a lot of editing skills.

Important Point

So as you all know that what I do editing I do on mobile and whatever is in mobile I use PicsArt 10.2 version and this is the best 10.2 version of PicsArt ever. If you guys want to use Photoshop as it is, then as your wish you can also use Photoshop. The steps here will be all the same. But now those tours which are on different positions on different platforms, then you people in which you are experts, kindly do Diwali editing, in the same way, all the things that are here will be the same.

How To Edit

To do this editing, you guys have to click on two of your pictures, and that too with a plain background. So that when you people race your background, it becomes your ease and to do background s, I recommend photo room that you people use photo room, you will arrange your background in one click.Opposites are a bit difficult, so both the poses that you have to give are to be given by sitting in completely different looks, in which you have to show people one inside the mirror and one of you who is of reality, one has to show that person in it. . That is, both are different opposites, which you have to perform carefully here. After that, you guys will race the background as I have told. And then you people will use it in editing, which one you will use inside your house. And the second one you guys will use in a reality. The positions of both should be exactly the same. If you go back and forth a bit in this, then your concept will give a fake look and that’s not what I want.I recommend that you guys go to my youtube and watch videos related to this concept, which you will get idli on my youtube channel pr z a date, there I have given a complete guide, I have told you how to help you guys. How to give a pose here? You guys have to do bad days. How do you guys have to use this which is my PNG and background and how to attach your picture to it perfectly, then I have given a complete guide on it. I want you to watch that video once so that you guys can do this editing well.

Background & PNGs

I have made its background and png in HD quality. So you guys will have to download all these things for editing because if you have not downloaded a single PNG then your editing can be complete and the second one which I have made background is totally related to this post. And the other one which is its mirror is also related to this post. If you guys want to use something else too? I don’t think it will be able to be fixed in it and it might be for him. Then you guys also have to change your post, so according to my pose, I have made the background, and it png here if you want, you can also use a real knife here but if you do not have a knife so you can use knife png.

Important Note

Stock Is Not For Commercial Use


Use Download Button For High Quality

Download In HD Quality


Background of mobile is weapon editing…


Knife PNG

This will use as your hand knife…


I used this apps for editing. If you want to edit in mobile so make sure you downloaded all apps too.

PRZ Edits

My self Hamza Peerzada, I’m a professional Photographer & Editor for last 7 years. If I describe my work in one line so this is my passion & also my hobby. I run a YouTube channel PRZ Edits where I upload Photography & Editing related videos and sometimes Tips & Tricks you can check it out…

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