Instagram Underwater Reel Trick In CapCut Video Editing Complete Tutorial

About Underwater Concept

You all know that Vijay Mehar animation rail is becoming very viral on Instagram and people want to make it as real as it is, but that thing has not been explained anywhere in the proper way. If you want to edit from a mobile,

Instagram Reels

Today’s topic is something about how you guys can make your own animation reel for Instagram . Like Vijay Mehar and other artists reel, that too is phones.

Mobile Animations

If you understand this concept, then you will be able to make your own concert just by looking at it because whatever work I am going to do in it. You can use all this work for that too, which one you will make your own.

Download Reel Stock

You will have to download the translations and all provided overlays in this article. If you guys want to animate a similar underground water reel in the proper way,

Using Applications For this Concept

With this you can also make videos and you can also animate your photos. In this I am going to use many applications which will help you in doing different things, such as Capcut, Koloro, PicsArt & Alight Motion. So don’t miss getting both applications from the provided link.

Important Note

Stock Is Not For Commercial Use


Use Download Button For High Quality

Download In HD Quality

Underwater Reel

You Have To Watch Tutorial Before Stock Download 

Main Background

This will use as a main background of underwater reel…

Water Splash

Water Splash will use as a overlay after animation in alight motion…

Particle Overlay

Water Particles will use as a overlay after animation in alight motion…

Rope Knot

You can use this to joined your hand…

Water Texture

Background of only while you adding dodge and burn…

Hair PNG

This will use as your hair in Alight Motion or any other software you are use for animation…

DOWNLOAD DNG [ presets ]

There are all DNG's for each concept.


I used this apps for editing. If you want to edit in mobile so make sure you downloaded all apps too.

PRZ Edits

My self Hamza Peerzada, I’m a professional Photographer & Editor for last 7 years. If I describe my work in one line so this is my passion & also my hobby. I run a YouTube channel PRZ Edits where I upload Photography & Editing related videos and sometimes Tips & Tricks you can check it out…

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