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Mobile Phone & Internet Addicted Concept Photo Editing is a concept that explains the reality we have in today’s time. How can we not live without our mobiles? Social media. How much internet is important in our life? That is what we know. To pass 1 minute or even a second without it. Think it is very difficult.

Mobile Phone & Internet Addicted Concept

Sometimes I make a concept of whatever it is. So I try to do a reality show on it. And give a message in it. So that we have a little knowledge. What is right and what is wrong. Which I am trying through this concept. That we all know we can’t live without mobile. This concept is inspired by Vijay Mahar concept. But whatever is in it. Evils were shown. Those who were cutting wings. But in this I. Instead of wings. I am using a mobile. Those who are showing you. Evil forcefully. And of internet. I have also made a drip here. Show ho ke internet humari rakh rang mein. How much more involved is done.

3 Poses?

In this concept. I have clicked three photos here. Out of which first and second are of a will. And third is such a human? In which we will show ourselves. I can be possible? Maybe you like this. There should be a little difficulty in posing. But when you click on 10 pictures, then five will be fine. Which you will be able to use in this meeting.While clicking the picture, try that you guys click the photo with a plain background. So that when you people race the background, it becomes easy.

How To Edit

Editing can be a bit tricky, but I have explained it to you like that. If you guys follow him then you will not have to face difficulties here. So what I have given is the explanation I have given on my YouTube channel. You guys can go there and see a separate tutorial. His name as mentioned in this post is also his name.So when you guys do your background race. After that the editing you have to continue, you can do it with pic 60 and you can also do it with photoshop which you like better. I have used PicsArt in it. Because I know how to run PicsArt better.I hope you have downloaded and kept all the backgrounds and pngs. If you do not, then you may feel a little difficulty in editing and your concept is complete. 

Important Note

Stock Is Not For Commercial Use


Use Download Button For High Quality

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This will use as a main background of addiction editing…


Dark Black Smoke

Smoke will use on front side…


Drip Needle

This will use inject in your skin…


Drip Pipe PNG

Drip pipe png will use to redirect drip…


Green Drip

Evil will be hold this drip png…


Eye Neon PNG

This neon will use as a eyes lens..


Green Lens Flare

This will use drip light up in this…


Green Smoke

Green smoke play a very important roll…


Internet Tag

Internet tag will be use as a cover of drip…


Mobile PNG

Evil will hold this mobile png too…

Model Picture For PRACTICE


Main Pose

You can use this image for practice…

Left Evil Pose

You can use this image for practice…


Right Evil Pose

You can use this image for practice…


I used this apps for editing. If you want to edit in mobile so make sure you downloaded all apps too.

PRZ Edits

My self Hamza Peerzada, I’m a professional Photographer & Editor for last 7 years. If I describe my work in one line so this is my passion & also my hobby. I run a YouTube channel PRZ Edits where I upload Photography & Editing related videos and sometimes Tips & Tricks you can check it out…

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